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Turning on the oven brings a sense of comfort and warmth, especially this time of year. As such, your kitchen needs a solid range of bakeware, which, for the purposes of this list, I’m defining as any vessel that only goes in the oven. Instead of sticking to one style, I included many casserole dishes, a roasting pan, and several other shapes for making desserts, like a cake pan and loaf pan. (Notably, I left out Dutch ovens, which are also stovetop compatible, and sheet pans, which have their own dedicated post.)

Because there are so many different types, I’ll note that a well-stocked kitchen should probably have a mix of what you’ll find below (as opposed to a category like blenders, where you’re likely just searching for a single standout item). What that looks like will depend on what types of food you cook, how many people you’re usually serving, and your level of interest in baking. To ensure this list was as thorough as possible but not overwhelmingly big, we asked more than a dozen professional chefs and recipe developers about their own favorite pieces of bakeware and what they use them for most.

The majority of bakeware on this list is casserole-style, meaning a somewhat deep and wide baking dish. They come in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes and can be used for traditional casseroles (as the name suggests), baked pastas, roasted or braised vegetables and meats, and more. Any would work for making a cobbler or crumble, and some even lend themselves to cakes or bars if they’re the right shape and size for a given recipe. For this category, I’ve listed the type of bakeware each item is.

You’ll find a wide assortment of materials below. There’s ceramic, enamelware, glass, porcelain, and nonstick (all of which tend …….



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